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Autentico (the ultimo samurai)

AUTHENTIC – Squeezed in the grip of four amazing actresses (Betta Cianchini, Adelaide Di Bitonto, Emanuela Gabrieli, H.E.R.), Rocco Siffredi, for the first time on stage, will have the task of talking about himself in order to restore the purest Eros to the human being! Rocco will whisper to the audience, surprise him with his ancestral morality and his undisputed authenticity. An explosive show, out of any canon and genre, elegantly “Authentic”, signed by Luciano Melchionna, a brilliant director who has thought and created great theatrical projects throughout his career. Among these, his cult show “DAdP” stands out, which in 12 years has collected more than 43 editions, 400 replicas and has seen over 300 actors and musicians involved alternate on stage, for a total of 500,000 spectators in Italy and Spain. Director’s notes. When I was offered to meet Rocco I had no doubts, I felt it would be an important meeting but I thought it would end there, I didn’t think we had many things in common. We are all victims of prejudices and of our projections, right? Instead, a stimulating adventure began for me and for the actresses with whom I worked, an exciting exchange … heart / brain. We talk about sex with Rocco, of course, and we do it as we never do it, except in our heads. There is talk of violence, of infinite orgasm, of the differences between man and woman: who sets the limit? Then, with the same freedom, the same purity – yes, purity, I didn’t get the word wrong – we talk about the soul, its fragility and the feelings that run through it, that torture it. We talk about depression, as the impossibility of stopping the head, and we discuss happiness in opposites: porn and family, the two worlds that keep it alive. We talk about Eros and Thanatos, horror vacui and guilt and meanwhile we laugh at ourselves and human weaknesses, without any repentance. There is talk of a wonderful wife who knows how to love regardless, in a total way, and of educated and discreet children, almost shy but very demanding. We laugh a lot with Rocco and with his “Pasolinian” intuitions, dance and sing – with questionable results, according to his wife, Rosa – they engage in crackling challenges to the death where no one wants to be right at all costs, in a a real revolution, that of respect for the other, that of a civilization of substance and not of form therefore. And in the meantime, looking at his face, one is bewitched by that little boy who floats on his features, elusive, until he is on fire, like his passion. Authentic is Rocco. Authentic is this strange spectacle that does not fully belong to any genre. Authentic are the artists and collaborators, my direction, all those who want to approach this “litmus test”, a mirror of our society in recent decades. More and more “pornographic”. Luciano Melchionna NATIONAL DEBUT

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