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Sanremo: sea, nature, shopping and good food. Sanremo means all this, and much more: culture, tradition and music. Sanremo belongs to those who know how to listen to it.

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Sanremo: Live it & Love it

Sanremo is the city of music and flowers. A magical place, set in the heart of the Ligurian Riviera where everything is possible. Experience it to the fullest thanks to the sun and the mild climate, discover it in every season of the year. Sanremo stands for sea and beaches that blend into a romantic embrace; the bike path all along the coast, like a careful guardian.

Sanremo means culture and traditions, that reveal themselves little by little. A place to practice sport in the open air, by the sea or in the mountains. Sanremo stands for shops and boutiques, but also for music and entertainment. Sanremo is greedy for its Mediterranean cuisine that allows you to discover the simplest and truest flavours that only nature can offer.

Sanremo is all this and much more. It’s your holiday town, all year round. Live it... love it.


Discover all the events and shows planned: concerts, theatre, music, exhibitions, entertainment for children and much more. Follow us and we’ll guide you through the rainbow of events signed Sanremo.


Sport and Wellness

The mild climate that characterizes Sanremo allows you to practice many outdoor sports at any time of the year. Rowing, sailing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, paddle, downhill, mountain biking on the heights of the hinterland, cycling, running and walking on the wonderful bike path overlooking the sea.

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Flowers and Gardens

Sanremo is known as the City of Flowers. Alongside this tradition, of which we are proud, the city has developed a special attention to public gardens. Come and discover the gardens and parks, our green spots on the sea.

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What could be better after a day at the beach than going shopping!
The pedestrian streets of the centre are a must for lovers of designer labels, such as Via Matteotti, a veritable salon of made in Italy, where you can find the best boutiques. In your quest for bargains, don’t miss the characteristic streets such as Via Palazzo, Via Cavour, Via Carli and all the streets in the centre, home to wonderful shops for all ages.
And for those who love designer labels, you can find “The Mall” just outside the centre, in the Valle Armea area: the famous shopping centre is dedicated to the single-brand stores of the great designers.


Plenty of beaches!
Sanremo is sea, running on the beach, playing, swimming and bathing in our wonderful waters, that have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag by Fee again this year!
And in Sanremo, all roads lead to the sea. Our coastline, from east to west, is a succession of well-equipped beach clubs and pretty inlets. Alongside the many private beach clubs there are also equipped and unequipped free beaches. The most famous are those along the Tre Ponti seafront (loved by surfers), in Bussana area, or the more central ones along the Lungomare delle Nazioni, where you can also find a small lido where our four-legged friends are welcome.


Traditions and culture

La Pigna, the small village of Bussana Vecchia, Villa Luca, the Russian church, the civic museum, the collection dedicated to Antonio Rubino and much more.

The history of Sanremo and its deep traditions as a seaside and “cosmopolitan” town have left us precious traces, all to be discovered.

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Our sea and our territory give us a great variety of wonderful and fresh products every day.

The culinary tradition of Sanremo embraces the Mediterranean one: blue fish, red shrimps, vegetables of all kinds, quality oil and olives. Every day Sanremo is like a new menu to discover and enjoy.

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Vivi Sanremo

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Discover all the events and shows planned: concerts, theatre, music, exhibitions, entertainment for children and much more. Follow us and we’ll guide you through the rainbow of events signed Sanremo.


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