Dal 20-09-2020 al 01-11-2020

Sanremo fa musica in Piazza Bresca

Sanremo Fa Musica: four events a week, from 14th September to 1st November.

28 nights, from 6.30 pm.

Happening on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

A calendar to give Piazza Bresca the title of Piazza della Musica.

Lots of music from pop to jazz, from songwriting to blues in the heart of the Sanremo nightlife.
👇🏻The program👇🏻
Sunday 20th ‘The cube’
Monday 21st ‘pan e pumata’
Wednesday 23rd ‘quel duo lì’
Thursday 24th ‘Gullone trio’
Sunday 27th ‘Quel duo lì’
Monday 28th pan e ‘pumata’
Wednesday 30th ‘zingaro’.

Thursday 1st ‘fled duo’
Sunday 4th ‘Eufonika’
Monday 5th ‘pan e pumata’
Wednesday 7th ‘the cube’
Thursday 8th ‘Gullone trio’
Sunday 11th ‘zingaro’
Monday 12th ‘pan e pumata’
Wednesday 14th ‘EUFONIKA’
Thursday 15th ‘Mh band’
Sunday 18th ‘fFled duo’
Monday 19th ‘pan e pumata’
Wednesday 21st ‘zingaro’
Thursday 22nd ‘Fled duo’
Sunday 25th ‘Gullone trio’
Monday 26th ‘pan e pumata’
Wednesday 28th ‘Fled duo’
Thursday 29th ‘MH’

📍November: Sunday 1st ‘Zingaro’