Palazzo Nota
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Nota Palace


This historical Palace was designed by the architect Pietro Antonio Corradi in 1667(he had also designed Palazzo Rosso in Genoa).

In 1687 the Palace became the seat of the General Commissioner of the republic of Genoa and from there he governed western Liguria.Since 1794 it became Sanremo Townhall until the municipal offices were moved into the new seat at Palazzo Bellevue in 1963.

The Palace takes its name from the clere Savoy official Alberto Nota delegated since 1823 and remembered especially for his commitment in great works of urban viability.

The Palace is decorated with frescoes and plasters of the XVIII century.

Above the main entrance there is the elegant blazon of Sanremo sculpted by Gio Andrea Manni in 1713.

This multifunctional Palace hosts the Civic Museum since 30th December 2016 ; here we can find the rich archaeological, historical and artistic heritage of the town and of western Ligurian territory that once were preserved in Palazzo Borea D’Olmo.

In the Council Chamber, at the second floor, charming XVIII century naturalistic mural decoration emerged during the restoration activities.


The Archaeological section at the first floor preserves the oldest finds from the territory since prehistoric period.

The archaeological artifacts are contextualized in a 3D plastic; we can also admire the prehistoric section with Paleolithic artifacts from a cave in Arma, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron age finds and also an archaeological Roman section with finds from the necropolis and the Roman villas at Foce and Bussana.

On the second floor there is the art gallery containing XVII and XIX century paintings, even one by Pieter Paul Rubens, recently restored to its former beauty.

Very interesting the room dedicated to cartoonist and painter Antonio Rubino and the historical section dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi